пятница, 25 февраля 2011 г.

I know...

I know what means to become older. It means to become in some way forgotten by people who surround you. When they begin to think, that you are already responsible, can stay on your own for a long time without anyone's attention(of course I mean a long period of time, not like a couple of hours)- it's the first signal, that you are getting older. People begin to apply to you only on some business affair or just ask for some help. They can easily exchange you for their friends or smth more interesting and worthy. I am already experiencing all these attitudes towards me now. I have no real friend, really. I try to be kind and interesting to people, but God, why, oh why do I have no friend? I am a tedious, very modest and discreet person. People seem not to like such people as I am.
Maybe it's good, that I have no real friend, just mates? But you know, I usually remind me myself as an old lady, who is already a pensioner and has already run through her life. Well... That's in fact the problem that can't be solved. But I want to have fun sometimes, somewhere outside... That's impossible...For such people as I am.

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  1. Let me explain the differences of your friends when you're young and when you're older.

    When you're young, your fiends are people close to you. You grow up together or you go to the same school. That's all that really brings you together. When you get out into the world those bonds break.

    When you're older, your friends are people you enjoy being around and you have something in common with them. Those kind of friendships last forever.

  2. Nice explanation, thank you. The problem is that it's difficult for me to distinguish whether a person really enjoys being with me or just wants to make some profit (in most cases people keep in touch with me only because I can help them with smth when they need it. In other words we are together only when someone needs help, but having fun together is out of the question.) In any case I am happy, that I have my parents and my pets, who are real friends of mine. =)