среда, 9 февраля 2011 г.


I must confess, that I enjoy speaking English. I adore the way I can pronounce English words. 
Moreover, I have noticed, that I think in English rather than in Russian or Ukrainian. That's amazing!
I like to communicate with the native speakers.
They inspire me, because I feel comfortable while communicating with them.
This fact is a good motive to improve my English. Unfortunately I don't have very good periods of English at the university now, except Phonetics, that is why I have to get some kind of a self-education.
Well, that's the only way out in my case.
 I just wish someone could correct my mistakes.
I dunno why, but I feel that I am quite lazy now. 
Perhaps the shower with a flavored shower gel will give me some energy!
And oh!

This is considered to be my professional  alcohol - Teacher's whisky!
Just saw it several times  in the supermarket-was laughing out loudly, because as far as I have understood, this liquid is considered to be a good medicine for the teacher's professional problems, isn't it?

2 комментария:

  1. Your English is really good. You should get a penpal to help correct your mistakes.

  2. Thanks, that's the very thing I am working at now! =)