пятница, 25 февраля 2011 г.

Big girls don't cry!

Why, or why I want to cry in most cases? I seem to be a small girl...Just tired of occupying this position between teenaging and adulting.

Luckily I am recovering. I have missed two days at the university and one way of tutoring my pupil, but that's ok, I will catch up with the rest of my  group and we shall work hard with my pupil. Now I am eager to do all my home tasks and then watch one of my most favorite films "Dirty dancing". Especially I like the second part about Havana's nights. The main character bears some resemblance to myself.
 Well, I adore dirty dancing, really! That's so...hot! I used to attend classes of Latin dancing for a few months last spring and my coach told me that I have already reached the level of a professional. I couldn't even imagine, that I can move my hips so hot, because all those movements are banned in ballet. Though I gave up these classes I hope I will take them up soon again, maybe in a week or so, because I need smth to splash out my energy. This variant suits me perfectly! Besides, I will improve my figure=)
Adore Patrick Swayze in this movie! He is super hot!

One of my favorite moments. dunno why, just like it. 

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  1. в детстве с ума сходила по "Грязным танцам"! культовый фильм)
    особенно для тех, кто увлекается танцами ;)) мотивирует))
    танцы это круто, это полезно, ты права ;)

  2. Now I keep thinking about you moving your hips. That's a pretty good image.

  3. Well, that's quite a good but still a rare thing about me.

  4. аааа это просто супер фильмы!!!

  5. I love dirty dancing!
    Is absolutely hot movie!

    follow me?
    greetings from Poland! ;)