пятница, 11 февраля 2011 г.

Take out my...

That's unbearable! Why, oh why am I sooo stupid, God? It's impossible to live this way. 
I can't feel warm in my heart!It must be a box of chocolates there, but all I can find there  is a lemon and some mint!
That's not fair! I deserve smth exceptional! 
Why, or why am I existing here? 
What for? Whom for? 

Can't live this way any more. Perhaps I am not good enough for real happiness and the inner balance... 
But why?
Please, help me... I need some help. Find me, you know where I am...
I am living there, where there is no warm except the central heating and the Sun next by my planet...
Take out my breath! 
 Free me! 
Dance with me!
Talk to me!
 Amuse me! 
Just adore this actor. Thanks. 

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