суббота, 23 октября 2010 г.

Understood, but haven't realized yet.

Today I understood, that life is extremely short. Well, the fact, that puzzles me most of all, is  that probably death will be the greatest problem for me, BUT there will always be people who will easily live without me, absolutely the same way some people do it now. Oh, that sounds so depressing for me, because in fact nobody needs anybody. That's just the play, where everyone wants to act. I am obviously not to be excepted, though most of my time I am concentrated over things, which are hardly connected with reality, but they have the real life-stage background. Well, though there is no real medicine for my malady, I should follow the words from the song of Hurts-Wonderful Life, which run: "never give up, it's such a wonderful life", though wonders hardly happen to me...Nevertheless I am Looking for You, Wonder...Please, find me and help!

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  1. I doubt that we are lonely here) We are always with smb if we wish to. The thing is the way you feel the thing!
    Be more optimistic! Never give up!
    Take up scrap - it'll be a great remedy!


  2. Well, probably You are right. Thank You for the links, they are of a great help for me.

  3. Good evening! That's so sweet from your side not to forget about us=) As for me I'm fine. Our new teacher is such a kind-hearted and positive person, that is why she is really easy and pleasant to deal with. But still I miss You, because I really got a rush working with You! Besides I've already started preparations for New Year and got so,e ideas concerning scrap-I'm going to make some post cards for my parents. They like my handmaids, as they reveal my purest feelings toward them. I wonder how You are there in Kiyev? Do you enjoy Your studying? Hope You are=) You are a wonderful woman, who deserves for the best and I am really happy to know You!

  4. )))
    Glad to hear those wonderful words from you. Love the group! say hello to all of them. Miss you.
    I'm fine, though the days used to be hectic(
    Dima (my husband) was operated in Kiev, so I had not only to do all I need, but help him as well. I'm also getting prepared for the NY. Bought a lot of scrap things) If you like - you may come to see us and watch what scrap is all about. I just don't know when it'll be possible))) But if there is a wish - there will be a possibility)))
    P.S. Just now I'm crazy about mini-albums. Have made 3 already - and think of them in tetms of presents for my friends)