пятница, 11 марта 2011 г.

Spring is coming!

Finally it's getting warm. In fact I like winter with its snow, but I feel like my body needs some sun and fresh air. It was so sunny today, that I had realized that I wouldn't refuse to wearing sun glasses. Unfortunately it is still snowy on the roads and I am wearing winter clothes, as it is still cold when I leave my house for the university. As for university-its awful. We are made to study Economics there. Neither the lecturer nor the teacher explain us anything and I being a total philologist can hardly understand a single definition. I am really depressed. Why on Earth I need Economics, if I am going to become  an English teacher?
Well, in any case there is some good news, that make me concentrate over them and get rid of bad thoughts. Finally I am getting everything philosophically and can prevent myself from losing control over myself.
Gee, will I ever grow up and do everything in a proper way? I hope...

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