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Josephine Cox

Josephine Cox is a modern English writer, who is still living. The reason of my writing about her here is, that I've read two of her works and have got smth to tell you in terms of her creations.

This lady is a real discovery for me. I must admit, that I don't really like love stories, especially those, created by modern authors, cause most of them are putdownable books, that are worthy being sent directly to the rubbish bin. Occasionally I began reading the book by J. Cox under the title "Live The Dream" as my pleasure-reading-book at the university, because the speech is extremely simple, all the words are familiar and the plot of the story is not really complicated - so it didn't take me much time amd efforts to read the book.

 From the very firts pages I learnt, that the author writes mainly about love affairs and family problems. I must admit, that she manages to do that so vividly and sometimes even exciting, that I can hardly distract from the book, really! Sometimes I even sympathised the main characters, because they "provoked" some feelings in me (unfortunately for the first five minutes, not more). The very thing I enjoyd in this book is description of women's appearance, life style and behaviour.
Another book was under the title "Born Bad", which I have recently read till the very end.
Again the subject matter concerns love affairs and family life. Numerous descriptions of female life style, relations and what not. I must stress, that I felt nervous by completing the process of reading (rather scanning, than real act of reading), because it seemed to be qute dull, unfortunately...
I won't give you a summary on these books, cause that can be easily found in the net. I just would like to give my verdict: the books, written by this author, are perfect for ESL students, who want to practice their skills at reading non-complicated texts, but personally I would advise to read classic English and American authors, whose literary style is worthy being coped with.

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