суббота, 9 апреля 2011 г.


I am getting crazy. My life consists of constant studying and depression. Nothing more. It seems to be spring now, though it's raining all day long. Nevertheless everyone is busy with his oh her business. Even my boyfriend seems to have forgotten about me. He enjoys spending time with anyone except me. I am like the fifth wheel in the cart "Earth", which is slowly taking me to the grave. So, I am totally sure, that there exists neither friendship nor love in the world. Everyone needs you when they need your help or whatever, but no one remembers about me while having fun, because I am not worthy.
Well, I wish someone whom I like phoned me before I am falling asleep and wished me sweet dreams and told me that I am smart. That's probably all I need. Instead all these dreams I have a terrible headache, awful mood and wet eyes.
Thank you Fate for your pleasure.

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