пятница, 14 января 2011 г.

Studying as my own philosophy

I must confess, that I do like studying, especially at university. I have never liked schooling, because it was very difficult for me to deal with my classmates. All I liked at school were my classes of English and German, some teachers and that's all, I guess. Now I am still on my holidays, which have started on December, 26. The majority of students are taking their examinations now, but I am lucky not to do that, as I have finished my semester without any problem. I've got all A and only one C. I find these results great and that is why I deserve so long holidays. I must go to the university on Monday. I am going to have a week of lectures. I've already got my schedule on this first day. I will have four periods a day, as usually since 8.00 a.m. till 14.10 p.m.Luckily I will have no home tasks during this week, but I am going to start reading some books for my individual reading in English and German. I am not really sure whether I have a strong desire to go to the university. At least I will be doing smth useful. The great disadvantage is that I experience a serious lack of a good sleep while studying, cz I either go to bed late because of all my some assignments or have an insomnia. I must wake up at 5.45 a.m. because I am always afraid to be late for my periods. At 6.45 I am already at the stop station, trying to catch a bus or a route taxi to get to the university.  At about 7.00 I am usually at the university, though, as a rule, it is still closed at this time. Then I am lucky to have a long walk around the campus and revise everything what I've learned on the eve while sitting on some bench. That's extremely depressing and tedious. But I am already used to it. That's my lifestyle with no fun, just serious considerations and hard work. As one very clever and intelligent young lady said: "Work, work and no fun." This is now my motto, cz I am working hoping for some good result in the future. In other words I am slowly killing my youth for the future, which I think will not be worthwhile. 

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