понедельник, 24 января 2011 г.

New plans


Today is the second Monday of my studying after winter holidays. I am quite tired, because I had some kind of a rest only on Sunday as I was studying on Saturday. I am quite tired, because on this  day I was doing nothing but preparing my homework. I even didn't go outside. That's awful, cz my brain refused to work without an access to the fresh air. I was going mad. All I wanted was nothing or smth impossible. In other words I didn't know what I wanted. Oh, oh, oh! That's my eternal problem.
On the other side, I am happy, because it  seems to be easier to study after NY, because there are many holidays and consequently I am going to have some days-off. For instance we are going to have the St. Valentine's Day soon. I know, I won't have a day out, but maybe my Valentine will make me feel happy on this day. At least I hope.
Besides, I  am going to lose some weight. Just a little bit. I am going to give up eating bread and sweets. I have already given up eating crisps and chips. That's not very difficult. It will help me to make my skin look pure and healthy. That's what I am eager to have. Not to mention the fact, that I want to be slim. 
Luckily I am going to get an access to the gym again. ^_^ 
Moreover I hope to go the skating rink finally. I haven't been there this year yet. That's awful! I adore skating! It makes my muscles firm. Hope to go skating this weekend. 
That's all for today. Have a nice working week!  

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  1. Don't give your Saturdays to studying ! You have a whole week for this job ! You better give your weekend to yourself !

  2. Unfortunately I had to go to the university for lectures on Saturday. The rest of the day and the whole Sunday I dedicated to studying, because I have an awful lot o tasks to do. I need 48 hours a day to fulfill all the tasks. I have no time for rest. I do not deserve it. As my teacher says :"Work, work and no fun". That's my motto for already 3 years.