пятница, 21 января 2011 г.

Smoke out!

I have never even tried to smoke. I absolutely do not like the smell and I pretty well know, that it's extremely harmful for my health.  People take some cigarettes, cigars or whatever. They light them up and put into their mouth and just breathe them in and out with their lungs. That't the wrong way of smoking! That's just a balderdash for kids in order to show that they are brave enough to poison themselves. Ha-ha, that's so funny and awful at the same time. 
 I smoke my problems using my heart. I constantly try to smoke them out, but that's impossible. Sometimes I wish I could smoke cigarettes and sometimes I feel like I need it, but then I realize, that I can't do it and give up the idea. My mind is over my subconsciousness. That's the result of my heart-smoking and staying on my own for an extremely long period of time. That's great. I can completely feel, that I am nothing. Nothing really worthwhile. Nothing really smart, or cute. Smoking kills. In any way. 

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  1. Thank you very much. I am glad to have readers, who like my blog!

  2. sometimes i can enjoy smoking, but i cannot understand why. but i'll never smoke permanently, money are too good to spend them on buying tobacco=)