вторник, 21 декабря 2010 г.

Everyone's speaking about mood...

Everyone's speaking about his or her mood, mentioning, that they have no intention to celebrate holidays and I support their idea. I feel totally exhausted - both physically and mentally. I just hope, that I will show good and excellent results at the rest of my university subjects. Probably then I will feel free at having good rest and doing all those things I didn't have a stomach to do while studying and tutoring... Hope so, cz I've already made up a looong list of what I will occupy myself with during my winter holidays.

Besides, I just came across this pic while surfing the net-must confess I like it. Wish it were so easy to change mood by wearing various masks. Ha-ha=) 

3 комментария:

  1. Well, our mood completely depends on us! It is just what we want it to be)
    Just be happy - try to! If it is too difficult - come to have a cup of tea))))))))))) It is especailly pleasant what it occurd that our grannies had been the best friends)

  2. Well, you are right, just as usually. I must admit, that I am in high spirits today, because I have already passed all my test and I am enjoying my holidays, finally! And yes, that's so interesting, that our grannies were the best friends. I must admit that I extremely miss my granny-she was my best friend. But I still feel her love in my heart. That's what makes me go on and never give up. I think she would like everything what I am doing now. Besides, having a cup of tea is a wonderful idea. I think it our mothers and we should meet and have a chat while enjoying tea with some pastry (I must confess, that I am good at baking and I am sure, that you will like it, cz as far as I remember you've got a sweet tooth =)

  3. no, I'm not at all a sweet tooth)))))))))) I love salty and smoky things better)))))))))))))) But never mind))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Let's meet some day)