воскресенье, 29 сентября 2013 г.

Talking to the soul of mine.

Has it ever happened to you to feel like this - lying in the bed and feeling lonely on some gloomy day, or even a sunny one, being puzzled and at a loss? Have you ever experienced the feeling of lacking someone by your side? Have you ever had a earning to fly through the window towards someone, who you would like to talk to? Someone, who can completely understand you as nobody else? Have you ever been bound to circumstances? Have you ever been afraid of your own feelings?
I have…
At such moments my soul is craving for a talk. I feel like I am the nerve of the Universe – vibrant and sensitive, prone to absorption of tiniest hesitations of heart. When you have no chance to verbalize your emotions to a proper person, all your unspoken words transform into the tears. These are the most pure and sincere tears – the precious salty ones to be swollen. 
When you feel tears with each cell of your body… First it touches your feet, than knees, thighs…than it feels like someone is taking away your voice, lip corners go down and there is something unbelievable with your nose… it tickles and hurts at the same time. And here you can feel yourself – your love and hatred, hope and despair… That is you on your own. Here is your soul talking to you. You are beautiful and pure. There is still your partner inside you listening to your numb story.

Speak your soul. Treat yourself  with your tears. Try and share these emotions with the person from your head afterwards-you will be amazed how rich you are. 

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